Liberals commit to create new before- and after-school spaces to lower the costs for families in the North

Liberals commit to create new before- and after-school spaces to lower the costs for families in the North

Locally, in communities such as Ignace and Pickle Lake, we already know the severe consequences of Doug Ford’s Conservative government’s education cuts because they threaten the closure of rural schools. Bob Nault

(KENORA) September 16, 2019 – Today, the Hon. Bob Nault, Liberal candidate for the Kenora riding, announced that a re-elected Liberal government is committed to making childcare more accessible for families in the North.

“Just this September, kids in Northwestern Ontario and across Canada headed back to school. For many families, finding childcare spaces can be both expensive and sometimes impossible to find,” stated Nault. “Today’s announcement of nearly doubling annual federal spending on childcare means that up to 250,000 more public school kids will have access to before- and after-school programs.”

“It really is quite a contrast: While Doug Ford Conservatives said they are going to move ahead with cuts to childcare, Federal Liberals know the importance of helping parents with the high cost of raising children.”

In 2019, less than one in three elementary school kids will be able to get a space — and in Ontario alone, for families lucky enough to get a spot, it will cost more than $4,000 this year. Meanwhile, parents who work late shifts or irregular hours have even fewer child care options. Since child care still falls disproportionately to women, moms are too often left to shoulder the responsibility.

“While Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives are promising to provide tax breaks to parents who can well afford to send their children to private schools, Liberals believe that all parents must be treated equally, added Nault. “Locally, in communities such as Ignace and Pickle Lake, we already know the severe consequences of Doug Ford’s Conservative government’s education cuts because they threaten the closure of rural schools. This is not the future we need or want for families in the North.”

A re-elected Liberal government will help parents with elementary school kids by:

● creating up to 250,000 more before and after school spaces for kids under the age of ten;

● putting $800 back into the pockets of the average Ontario family of four — every year by lowering parents’ fees by ten percent across the country. More than one million families will benefit;

● dedicating a portion of the new spaces to provide more child care options for parents who work overtime, late shifts, or multiple jobs so they can count on help when they need it most.

● Doubling the federal support provided to the provinces and territories through the Early Learning and Child Care Framework, by investing at least $535 million more each year.

“Unlike Andrew Scheer and Doug Ford, Liberals understand the importance of keeping rural schools open and ensuring accessible and affordable childcare,” concluded Nault. “Parents shouldn’t have to worry about finding quality childcare that won’t break the bank, which is why we are promising to create new before- and after-school spaces and lower the costs for families in the North to help their children get the best start possible in life.”

Additional Resources:

● the Canada Child Benefit, which is putting more money in the pockets of nine out of ten families to help with the high cost of raising kids. Since 2015, the CCB has helped lift more than 300,000 Canadian kids out of poverty.

● the Early Learning and Child Care Framework invested $7.5 billion dollars to create tens of thousands of new child care spaces around the country; and

● develop an additional 40,000 high quality and affordable learning spaces each year, rising to 100,000 by 2030.

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